(Re)Learning Backbone Part 12

For the last piece of our application, we are going to require that a user have "admin" permissions to delete another user. We created a


(Re)Learning Backbone Part 10

Logging In

When we last left off, we had enforced authentication on our users endpoints and provided an endpoint to authenticate against. Today, we are going


(Re)Learning Backbone Part 8

(Note: The code for this project at this point in our progress can be downloaded from Github at commit: c29507a245dce5f7cd3b900a72e8dbeac0fc3238)

A Little Cleanup

Back when we


(Re)Learning Backbone Part 4

(Note: The code for this series is available on Github - To get the code in preparation for this installment, checkout commit: d82adb485a608278b2003415cab536503c40d5d2)

Database Integration



(Re)Learning Backbone Part 3

Project Structure

We are going to start with a simple barebones structure to start with. In your project directory create both an app and a public