(Re)Learning Backbone Part 2

Opinions are like birthdays: everyone has one and I heard about yours on Facebook.

Tool Sets and Libraries

This is easily the most opinionated part of


(Re)Learning Backbone Part 1

A Little Bit of History

Two years ago, I was dropped head first into a large corporate Javascript project. Our flagship application's front end at the


Filtering Resources in Maven

tl;dr - How do I configure Maven resource filtering?

Here at The Swoosh1, we use an environment configuration tool that allows for properites in


My Management Career Track

Alternatively titled "There and Back Again...and maybe one more time for shits and giggles"

As a young developer, my career path was fairly straightforward. As


Build vs. Buy

Earlier this week, a non-technical friend of mine on "the list"1 asked whether anyone had experience using Dropbox. She said she needed to free up